The Barbie doll, invented by Ruth Handler in 1959, was named after her own daughter. The Ken Doll, likewise, was named after her son. Barbie was first introduced to the world at the 1959 American Toy Fair in New York City sporting a ponytail and a black-and-white striped swimsuit. If she were a real person, the original Barbie doll's measurements would have been an incredible 39-18-33. In response to criticism that these measurements might create unrealistic expections for young girls to live up to, Mattel has since adjusted the chest measurement down and the waist measurement up. Some Barbie Doll milestones: Barbie is introduced to the world (1959), Ken, her boyfriend, is introduced (1961), Fashion Queen Barbie debuts with three interchangeable wigs (1963), Skipper, Barbie's little sister, is introduced (1964), Barbie gets bendable legs (1965), a speaking Barbie is released (1968), Malibu Barbie debuts (1971), Superstar Barbie debuts (1977), Black Barbie and Hispanic Barbie are introduced (1980), Barbie gets her own web site (1996), Barbie runs for President (2000), Barbie and Ken split up (2004).

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