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31) How many different instruments did Prince play on his debut album?

Prince's first album, For You, was recorded at Record Plant Studios. The album was mixed in Los Angeles and released on April 7, 1978. According to the album notes, Prince wrote, produced, arranged, composed, and played all 27 instruments on the recording.

32) What 1985 charity single sold more than 20 million copies?

"We Are the World" raised over $63 million for humanitarian aid in Africa and the US.

33) Which Beatle had dyslexia?

John Lennon's beautiful music with the Beatles would not have existed without his perseverance through dyslexia. Lennon excelled at art and music while attending high school, but his grades were poor and he had trouble spelling.

34) What other name has Pink Floyd performed under?

Pink Floyd performed under various monikers in their early years, including Tea Set, Sigma 6, The Screaming Abdabs and Leonard's Lodgers (after their landlord Mike Leonard).

35) What is the longest running stage musical?

The off-Broadway musical The Fantasticks by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, opened on May 3, 1960 and finally closed on January 13, 2002, having been performed a record 17,162 times at the Sullivan Street Playhouse, Greenwich Village, New York.

36) What band was originally recruited with an ad that read: "Macho types wanted: must have moustache"?

The original Village People line-up was recruited via an advert that read "Macho types wanted: must have moustache". The group scored a number of disco and dance hits, including "Macho Man", "In the Navy", and their greatest hit, "Y.M.C.A.".

37) The largest game of musical chairs included how many participants?

On 5 August 1989, the largest game of musical chairs began with 8,238 participants at the Anglo-Chinese School in Singapore. Three and a half hours later, the game ended with the lucky 15-year-old winner Xu Chong Wei on the last remaining chair.

38) What musician holds the record for most Top 10 hits on the UK Singles Chart?

Elvis Presley holds the record with 77 Top 10 hits.

39) Which Johnny Cash song did an advertising company want to use for a hemorrhoids ad?

Johnny Cash's estate was approached by an advertising company seeking permission to use Ring Of Fire in an ad for hemorrhoid cream. The request was refused.

40) What is the most instruments (different kinds) used in a single piece of music?

The most instruments (different kinds) used in a single piece of music was 315 and was achieved by Rupam Sarmah and his team, performing a symphony at Jorhat Sports Complex, Assam, India, on 24 February 2013.