1) What were the Green Bay Packers originally called?

Choose Your Answer: A: Hagemeister Packers, B: Bellevue Packers, C: Indian Packers, D: Acme Packers

2) What Green Bay Packers quarterback holds the team record for most passing yards in a season?

Choose Your Answer: A: Don Majkowski, B: Lynn Dickey, C: Bart Starr, D: Brett Favre

3) Who was on the receiving end of Brett Favre's first NFL completion?

Choose Your Answer: A: James Lofton, B: Sterling Sharpe, C: Edgar Bennett, D: Brett Favre

4) What are Green Bay Packers fans commonly called?

Choose Your Answer: A: Coneheads, B: Cheeseheads, C: Boneheads, D: Hotheads

5) Who was the first Green Bay Packer to gain more than 8,000 career rushing yards?

Choose Your Answer: A: Ahman Green, B: Dorsey Levens, C: Jim Taylor, D: John Brockington

6) What was Vince Lombardi's career record as Green Bay Packers head coach?

Choose Your Answer: A: 84-42-0, B: 77-53-3, C: 98-30-4, D: 212-106-21

7) What team originally drafted Brett Favre?

Choose Your Answer: A: Denver Broncos, B: Atlanta Falcons, C: Dallas Cowboys, D: Buffalo Bills

8) Who was the first Green Bay Packer to snag more than 50 career interceptions?

Choose Your Answer: A: Willie Wood, B: Leroy Butler, C: Darren Sharper, D: Bobby Dillon

9) Who was the Green Bay Packers very first draft choice?

Choose Your Answer: A: Don Hutson, B: Bart Starr, C: Eddie Jankowski, D: Russ Letlow

10) Who held the position of Green Bay Packers head coach for the longest time?

Choose Your Answer: A: Vince Lombardi, B: Mike Holmgren, C: Earl Lambeau, D: Dan Devine


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