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21) How many self-portraits did Rembrandt paint?

At one time about ninety paintings were considered to be Rembrandt self-portraits, but it is now known that he had his students copy his own self-portraits as part of their training. Modern scholarship has reduced the actual self-portrait count to approximately forty paintings, as well as a few drawings and thirty-one etchings.

22) What was Rembrandt's favorite meal?

Rembrandt lived quite simply and was content to make a meal of a piece of bread and cheese or of a pickled herring.

23) What was the name of Rembrandt's first son?

Rembrandt's first child, a son he named Rumbartus, died just two months after his birth in 1635.

24) Which self-portrait did Rembrandt paint first?

25) How did Rembrandt sign his paintings?

Rembrandt's earliest signatures (ca. 1625) consisted of an initial "R", or the monogram "RH" (for Rembrant Harmenszoon), and starting in 1629, "RHL" (the "L" stood, presumably, for Leiden). In 1632, he used this monogram early in the year, then added his family name to it, "RHL-van Rijn", but replaced this form in that same year and began using his first name alone with its original spelling, "Rembrant". In 1633 he added a "d", and maintained this form consistently from that time forward.

26) What is Rembrandt's smallest painting?

The portrait of Doctor Ephraim Bueno, a Portuguese Jew, is the smallest painting by Rembrandt, being only 8 inches in height.

27) Which of the following was NOT a painting by Rembrandt?

The Creation of Eve was painted by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

28) Where is the Rembrandt House Museum located?

The Rembrandt House Museum is a refurbished house in the heart of Amsterdam where Rembrandt lived and worked for twenty years.

29) What was Rembrandt's primary source of income?

Rembrandt's main source of income was private commissions for portraits. The average price for a painting by Rembrandt was around 340 guilders. By comparison, a skilled craftsman earned around 250 guilders a year.

30) Who was Rembrandt's last apprentice?

Aert de Gelder was Rembrandt's last apprentice, studying in his studio from 1661 to 1663. One of Rembrandt's most talented pupils, he was the only Dutch artist to paint in the tradition of Rembrandt's style into the 18th century.