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General Geography Trivia Questions:

1) What is Earth's largest continent?

Choose Your Answer: A: Asia, B: Africa, C: Europe, D: Antarctica

2) What razor-thin country accounts for more than half of the western coastline of South America?

Choose Your Answer: A: Ecuador, B: Chile, C: Peru, D: Bolivia

3) What river runs through Baghdad?

Choose Your Answer: A: Tigris, B: Euphrates, C: Karun, D: Jordan

4) What country is home to Kangaroo Island?

Choose Your Answer: A: Australia, B: France, C: Japan, D: Great Britain

5) What continent is located at Latitude 90° S Longitude 0.00° E?

Choose Your Answer: A: South America, B: Asia, C: Australia, D: Antarctica

6) What is the largest country in South America?

Choose Your Answer: A: Columbia, B: Argentina, C: Brazil, D: Peru

7) What is the tallest mountain in the world?

Choose Your Answer: A: Aconcagua, B: Qogir, C: Mount Kilimanjaro, D: Mount Everest

8) What city is the capital of Australia?

Choose Your Answer: A: Perth, B: Melbourne, C: Sydney, D: Canberra

9) Riyadh is the capital of what Middle-Eastern country?

Choose Your Answer: A: Iraq, B: Syria, C: Saudi Arabia, D: Yemen

10) Which of these African nations is NOT landlocked?

Choose Your Answer: A: Niger, B: Congo, C: Chad, D: Burkina Faso

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