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General History Trivia Questions:

1) What is the earliest surviving system of laws?

Choose Your Answer: A: Rosetta Stone, B: Code of Hammurabi, C: Hebrew Torah, D: Shabaka Stone

2) What type of gun did John Wilkes Booth use to assassinate U.S. President Abraham Lincoln?

Choose Your Answer: A: Derringer Pistol, B: Colt Peacemaker, C: Smith & Wesson Revolver, D: Winchester Rifle

3) What was the last battle of the Napoleonic Wars?

Choose Your Answer: A: Battle of Trafalgar, B: Battle of the Nile, C: Battle of Wavre, D: Battle of Waterloo

4) The world's first postage stamp was introduced in what year?

Choose Your Answer: A: 1690, B: 1760, C: 1840, D: 1910

5) Who was the first democratically elected President of Russia?

Choose Your Answer: A: Mikhail Gorbachev, B: Boris Yeltsin, C: Vladimir Putin, D: Nikita Khrushchev

6) Which of the following inventions was the first to be patented?

Choose Your Answer: A: Chewing Gum, B: Dishwasher, C: Cash Register, D: Rubber Band

7) When the first Burger King Restaurant opened in 1954, how much did a hamburger cost?

Choose Your Answer: A: 9 cents, B: 18 cents, C: 37 cents, D: 50 cents

8) What was the first city to reach a population of one million?

Choose Your Answer: A: Rome, B: London, C: New York, D: Beijing

9) How long did the Hundred Years' War last?

Choose Your Answer: A: 86 years, B: 99 years, C: 100 years, D: 116 years

10) Who was the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

Choose Your Answer: A: Henry Pelham, B: Robert Walpole, C: George Grenville, D: Winston Churchill

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