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General Holiday Trivia Questions:

1) What holiday was created by a vote of the United Nations General Assembly in 1981?

Choose Your Answer: A: United Nations Day, B: International Peace Day, C: World Youth Day, D: International Earth Day

2) In the Netherlands, what is the name of Santa Claus's helper who judges which children were bad during the year?

Choose Your Answer: A: Green Eric, B: Eli the Elf, C: Black Peter, D: Mrs. Claus

3) What holiday takes place the day after Halloween?

Choose Your Answer: A: All Saint's Day, B: Sadie Hawkins Day, C: United Nations Day, D: Grandparents Day

4) During what ancient festival did masters temporarily serve their slaves?

Choose Your Answer: A: Lupercalia, B: Saturnalia, C: Floralia, D: Agonia

5) What holiday was established in California in 1966 by scholar/activist Dr. Maulana Karenga?

Choose Your Answer: A: Earth Day, B: Flag Day, C: Kwanzaa, D: National S'mores Day

6) In what year was Father's Day first celebrated?

Choose Your Answer: A: 1810, B: 1860, C: 1910, D: 1960

7) What British holiday is named after a man who tried to blow up a government building?

Choose Your Answer: A: Guy Fawkes Day, B: St. David's Day, C: Sadie Hawkins Day, D: Bobby Levin Day

8) Celebration of the Jewish New Year is known as what?

Choose Your Answer: A: Yom Kippur, B: Rosh Hashanah, C: Ramadan, D: Purim

9) What ancient Roman holiday was held to exorcise vampire-like ghosts of the dead?

Choose Your Answer: A: Terminalia, B: Thesmophoria, C: Lemuria, D: Nephthys

10) What holiday celebrates the end of slavery in the United States?

Choose Your Answer: A: Sweetest Day, B: Freedom Day, C: Kwanzaa, D: Juneteenth Day

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