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11) What supervillain was responsible for the loss of Aquaman's hand?

Aquaman lost his hand when Charybdis stole his ability to communicate with sea life and stuck Arthur's hand into a piranha-infested pool.

12) What is the name of Aquaman's trusty seahorse?

Storm was the name of an oversized domesticated seahorse that lived in the underwater continent of Atlantis. Aquaman developed a close telepathic relationship with Storm and employed him as his personal steed.

13) What is the name of Aquaman's illegitimate son?

Koryak was Aquaman's illegitimate son by Kako, an Inupiat woman. Koryak possessed powers similar to Aquaman's and plotted with Vulko to take over Atlantis.

14) In what year did Aquaman first get his own comic book?

Aquaman's first solo series ran from January 1962 to August 1978.

15) What is Aquagirl's name?

Tula first appeared in Aquaman #33 (May-June 1967). After losing her parents soon after her birth, she had been found and adopted by one of the royal families of Atlantis. Given the title Princess of Poseidonis, Tula was schooled in Atlantean traditions, and never left the royal palace until she met Aqualad at age 15.

16) What comic book featured Aquaman through the 1940s and 1950s?

Aquaman's adventures continued to be published in Adventure Comics through the 1940s and 1950s, as one of the few superheroes to last through the 1950s in continuous publication.

17) Which of Aquaman's enemies tried to steal Earth's water?

Lemur was an extraterrestrial from the planet Phrygia who attempted to steal Earth's water.

18) What was the name of Aquaman's pet walrus?

Tusky was an unusually intelligent walrus and Aquaman's sidekick.