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61) What U. S. President appears in The Amazing Spider-Man #583?

"Spidey Meets the President!" is a backup feature in The Amazing Spider-Man #583. The cover shows Barack Obama giving a thumbs-up to Spider-Man. The comic book was published the week before Obama's inauguration in January 2009. The issue sold over 350,000 copies and went to five printings. It was the highest-selling regular series book of the 2000s.

62) What writer created Red Sonja?

Red Sonja, She-Devil with a Sword, was created by Robert E. Howard in his 1934 short story "The Shadow of the Vulture". She has since gone one to appear in comic books published by Marvel Comics and Dynamite where she is usually depicted in a very brief scale-armor bikini.

63) Which character was NOT a founding member of the Defenders?

Luke Cage first joined the team in Defenders #18 (December 1974).

64) What color is Robin's cape?

Robin, the Boy Wonder, wears a yellow cape.

65) What is Archie character Jughead's real name?

In one early Archie comic strip, Jughead is identified as Forsythe Pendleton Jones III.

66) What superhero has a girlfriend named Beverly Switzler?

Switzler originally worked as a model, until she was hired and subsequently kidnapped by the villain Pro-Rata and then rescued by Howard the Duck. Indebted to Howard for this service, she subsequently allowed him to live with her.

67) Which incarnation of the Black Knight was a longtime member of the Avengers?

Dane Whitman is the Black Knight who has been a longtime member of the Avengers as well as a member of the Defenders, Ultraforce, Heroes for Hire, and MI-13.

68) What hero is a vagrant in the real world, but a powerful hero in the Outback?

In the real world, the Maxx is a homeless man living in a box, but in the Outback (an alternate reality) he is the powerful protector of the Jungle Queen.

69) Richie Rich first appeared in what comic book?

Dubbed "the poor little rich boy," Richie Rich debuted in Little Dot #1 (September 1953).

70) In Son of Superman, who is Superman's son?

Son of Superman is a comic book Elseworlds story, published by DC Comics. Fifteen years after the disappearance of Superman, Jon Kent learns that he is the son of the Man of Steel and has suddenly inherited his powers. Jon joins a rebel organization that fights against the now completely corrupt U.S. government and their plan for total economic segregation.