1) Wonder Woman made her first appearance in what comic book?

Choose Your Answer: A: Wonder Woman #1, B: Sensation Comics #1, C: Action Comics #27, D: All Star Comics #8

2) Who created Wonder Woman?

Choose Your Answer: A: William Moulton Marston, B: Bob Kane, C: Jack Kirby, D: Frederic Wertham

3) Which of Wonder Woman's accessories was forged from the magic girdle of Aphrodite?

Choose Your Answer: A: Her lasso, B: Her bracelets, C: Her tiara, D: Her earrings

4) Who was the first costumed villain Wonder Woman ever faced?

Choose Your Answer: A: Cheetah, B: Dr. Poison, C: Dr. Psycho, D: Giganta

5) What was the first superhero team Wonder Woman joined?

Choose Your Answer: A: All Star Squadron, B: Justice Society of America, C: Justice League of America, D: Avengers

6) What American pilot did Wonder Woman fall in love with when he crash-landed on Paradise Island?

Choose Your Answer: A: Terry Wagner, B: Terry O'Neill, C: Steve Trevor, D: Steve Harvey

7) Who played Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV show?

Choose Your Answer: A: Lindsay Wagner, B: Lynda Carter, C: Farrah Fawcett, D: Kate Jackson

8) The first issue of what women's magazine featured Wonder Woman on the cover?

Choose Your Answer: A: Vogue, B: Ms. Magazine, C: Redbook, D: Working Mother

9) During the 1960s, Wonder Woman became the pupil of what Chinese martial arts master?

Choose Your Answer: A: Sin Tzu, B: I Ching, C: Gao Xingjian, D: Jet Li

10) Which of Wonder Woman's accessories allows her to breathe in outer space?

Choose Your Answer: A: Her tiara, B: Her bracelets, C: Her magic lasso, D: Her earrings


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