1) What was the very first personal computer?

Choose Your Answer: A: TRS-80, B: Commodore PET, C: Kenbak-1, D: Apple I

2) What year was the word "computer" first used to describe a mechanical calculating device?

Choose Your Answer: A: 1897, B: 1912, C: 1926, D: 1942

3) What was the first portable computer?

Choose Your Answer: A: Epson HX-20, B: Cray I, C: Osborne I, D: IBM 5155

4) During the 1970s computer engineers at various research institutions began to utilize telecommunications technologies to link their computers together. This effort, the forefather of the modern Internet, was known as the ...


5) What was the first computer to defeat a world champion chess player?

Choose Your Answer: A: Chinook, B: X3D Fritz, C: Deep Blue, D: A.L.I.C.E.

6) What computer device did Douglas Engelbart invent in 1963?

Choose Your Answer: A: Modem, B: Mouse, C: Floppy disk, D: Microchip

7) What "law" describes the fact that, on average, computers have doubled in capacity every 18 to 24 months since 1900?

Choose Your Answer: A: Anderson's Law, B: Moore's Law, C: Jefferson's Law, D: Bohr's Law

8) How many lines of code did the Windows 98 operating system contain?

Choose Your Answer: A: 4 million, B: 9 million, C: 18 million, D: 40 million

9) What was the first commercially successful vector processor?

Choose Your Answer: A: Cray I, B: HP-2115, C: Altair 8800, D: Apple I

10) What new product did Apple Computer launch with a $1.5 million commercial during the 1984 Super Bowl?

Choose Your Answer: A: Apple I, B: Apple IIe, C: Apple IIc, D: Macintosh


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