1) What fast food restaurant is credited with introducing the first modern-day drive-thru window?

Choose Your Answer: A: McDonald's, B: Burger King, C: Sonic, D: Wendy's

2) Which of the following fast food restaurants was founded first?

Choose Your Answer: A: In-N-Out Burger, B: McDonald's, C: Burger King, D: Whataburger

3) What did McDonald's restaurants first introduce in 1968?

Choose Your Answer: A: Egg McMuffin, B: Big Mac, C: Happy Meal, D: Ronald McDonald

4) Where was the first Pizza Hut built?

Choose Your Answer: A: Los Angeles, California, B: Albany, New York, C: Grand Prairie, Texas, D: Wichita, Kansas

5) What fast food restaurant introduced a popular advertising campaign in 1997 that featured a talking chihuahua?

Choose Your Answer: A: Del Taco, B: Taco Bell, C: Domino's Pizza, D: Pizza Hut

6) What fast food restaurant boasts that you can "Have it your way"?

Choose Your Answer: A: Subway, B: Burger King, C: Papa John's, D: El Pollo Loco

7) What fast food restaurant has aired ads featuring Jared Fogle, a man who lost 245 pounds eating only their products?

Choose Your Answer: A: El Pollo Loco, B: Wendy's , C: Subway, D: McDonald's

8) What fast food restaurant was originally founded in the small town of Guasave on Mexico's Pacific Coast?

Choose Your Answer: A: Taco Bell, B: Del Taco, C: El Pollo Loco, D: Taco Cabana

9) How many herbs and spices make up the secret blend used on Colonel Harland Sanders' most famous creation: his Original Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Choose Your Answer: A: seven, B: nine, C: eleven, D: thirteen

10) What fast food restaurant was literally founded in a broom closet?

Choose Your Answer: A: McDonald's, B: Papa John's, C: Dairy Queen, D: Subway


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