1) Henry McCarty was better known by what nickname?

Choose Your Answer: A: The Tall Texan, B: Butch Cassidy, C: Billy the Kid, D: Sundance Kid

2) What weapon has become known as "the gun that won the west"?

Choose Your Answer: A: Smith & Wesson Revolver, B: Colt Peacemaker, C: Winchester Rifle, D: Sharps Derringer

3) Who is the only woman known to have robbed a stagecoach?

Choose Your Answer: A: Poker Alice, B: Sarah Pierce, C: Pearl Hart, D: Annie Oakley

4) It is estimated that what percentage of women living in Deadwood, South Dakota in 1876 were prostitutes?

Choose Your Answer: A: 40%, B: 60%, C: 80%, D: 90%

5) What legendary figure of the Old West eventually became sports editor for the New York Morning Telegraph?

Choose Your Answer: A: Matt Dillon, B: Bat Masterson, C: Wyatt Earp, D: Black Jack Ketchum

6) In poker, what is known as the "Dead Man's Hand"?

Choose Your Answer: A: Aces and Fours, B: Aces and Eights, C: Aces and Jacks, D: Aces and Queens

7) What outlaw once wrote his own press release for one of his robberies?

Choose Your Answer: A: Jesse James, B: Billy the Kid, C: Butch Cassidy, D: Sundance Kid

8) What famous Old West figure was arrested for horse theft in Van Buren, Arkansas on May 8, 1871?

Choose Your Answer: A: Jesse James, B: Billy the Kid, C: Wyatt Earp, D: Doc Holliday

9) According to eyewitness accounts, what gunslinger could hit a dime nine out of ten times when tossed in the air?

Choose Your Answer: A: Billy the Kid, B: Bat Masterson, C: Wild Bill Hickok, D: Annie Oakley

10) What outlaw wore socks over his boots so that he couldn't be tracked?

Choose Your Answer: A: Clay Allison, B: Black Bart, C: Sundance Kid, D: Shoeless Kid


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