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1) Who is the first of the children to discover Narnia?

Lucy is the first of the children to discover Narnia when she wanders through the wardrobe during a game of hide-and-seek. Edmund is second to make the journey, and finally all of the children travel to Narnia when they attempt to hide in the wardrobe after accidentally breaking a window.

2) What is the name of the faun who befriends Lucy?

Lucy is befriended by a faun named Mr. Tumnus. At first, he intends to turn Lucy over to the White Witch, but overcome with guilt, his true nature wins out and he releases her, helping her escape back to her own world.

3) Who calls herself the "Queen of Narnia"?

The White Witch calls herself the "Queen of Narnia." She is not, however, the rightful ruler.

4) What item does Lucy leave with Mr. Tumnus after their first meeting?

Mr. Tumnus is moved to tears after his near betrayal of the little girl. Lucy kindly offers him her handkerchief, saying, "You need it more than me."

5) Edmund betrays his siblings for what treat?

Edmund betrays his brother and sisters to the White Queen for a Turkish Delight--a gummy confection made of syrup and cornflour and dusted with sugar.

6) Who brings presents for the children that they will later use in battle?

Father Christmas brings presents for the children that they will later use in battle. His presents include several weapons and an elixer that can heal any wound.

7) Which child does not receive any presents?

Edmund does not receive any presents from Father Christmas as he is still imprisoned by the White Queen when the presents are delivered. One might also argue that Edmund is on the "naughty" list. He has, after all, just betrayed his brother and sisters for a Turkish Delight!

8) What creatures pull the White Witch's war chariot in the final battle?

In the final battle, the White Witch's war chariot is pulled by a pair of gigantic polar bears!

9) Who kills the White Witch?

Aslan returns from the dead just in time to save the children and end the White Witch's reign of terror!

10) How many times does Lucy go through the Wardrobe?

Lucy goes through the wardrobe a total of three times -- once by herself, once with Edmund, and once with all of her siblings.