1) What child actress was originally offered the role of Regan MacNeill in "The Exorcist"?

Choose Your Answer: A: Carrie Fisher, B: Melissa Gilbert, C: Dana Plato, D: Lisa Bonet

2) What classic horror movie features a serial killer in a William Shatner mask?

Choose Your Answer: A: Friday the 13th, B: Halloween, C: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, D: The Fog

3) In what horror movie does the protagonist write a book that contains only the line "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" repeated over and over again?

Choose Your Answer: A: The Shining, B: The Devil's Rain, C: Writer's Block, D: The Ninth Gate

4) What classic horror movie was originally titled The Babysitter Murders?

Choose Your Answer: A: Rosemary's Baby, B: Scream, C: Halloween, D: A Nightmare on Elm Street

5) What horror film is the first movie to show a woman in just a bra and slip?

Choose Your Answer: A: Psycho, B: Bride of Frankenstein, C: The Haunting, D: The Wax Museum

6) Why were most of Colin Clive's scenes in Bride of Frankenstein (1935) shot with him sitting?

Choose Your Answer: A: He was paralyzed., B: He had a broken leg., C: He didn't like to stand., D: That's just the way it was written.

7) What horror movie required the purchase of 500 Florida frogs and 100 giant  South American toads?

Choose Your Answer: A: The Frogs, B: The Toads, C: Pet Sematary, D: Invasion of the Body Snatchers

8) What was the original title of The Blob?

Choose Your Answer: A: The Lump, B: The Glob, C: The Spheroid, D: The Creature

9) What horror movie features a serial killer wearing a mask inspired by an Edvard Munch painting?

Choose Your Answer: A: Halloween, B: The Man in the Black Suit, C: Scream, D: Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

10) What horror film caused some theatres to suggest that patrons prone to motion sickness sit in the aisle seats?

Choose Your Answer: A: Vertigo, B: Mimic, C: Friday the 13th, Part III: 3D, D: The Blair Witch Project


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