1) The James Bond movies are based on a series of novels by what British author?

Choose Your Answer: A: Ian Fleming, B: Ian Gold, C: Peter Finch, D: Peter James

2) What was the first James Bond movie?

Choose Your Answer: A: Casino Royale, B: On Her Majesty's Secret Service, C: For Your Eyes Only, D: Dr. No

3) Who was the second actor to portray James Bond in a feature film?

Choose Your Answer: A: Roger Moore, B: Timothy Dalton, C: George Lazenby, D: Joseph Wiseman

4) Who performed the theme song for Live and Let Die?

Choose Your Answer: A: Diana Ross, B: Elvis Presley, C: Paul McCartney and the Wings, D: The Rolling Stones

5) What kind of car does James Bond drive in Moonraker?

Choose Your Answer: A: Aston Martin, B: BMW, C: Cadillac, D: None

6) What actor made his first appearance as James Bond in GoldenEye?

Choose Your Answer: A: Roger Moore, B: Timothy Dalton, C: Pierce Brosnan, D: Sean Connery

7) What James Bond film features Christopher Walken as billionaire industrialist Max Zorin?

Choose Your Answer: A: For Your Eyes Only, B: Octopussy, C: A View to a Kill, D: Licence to Kill

8) What was the original title of Licence to Kill?

Choose Your Answer: A: Licence for Murder, B: Licence Suspended, C: Licence Revoked, D: Licence Extended

9) What was the first Bond film NOT based on a book?

Choose Your Answer: A: The Living Daylights, B: The Man with the Golden Gun, C: The Spy Who Loved Me, D: Tomorrow Never Dies

10) What secret service agency does 007 work for?

Choose Your Answer: A: MI5, B: MI6, C: MI7, D: MI8

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