1) The Godfather movies are based on a novel by what author?

Choose Your Answer: A: Elia Kazan, B: Mario Puzo, C: Richard Conte, D: Dario Fo

2) In the opening scenes of The Godfather, who is celebrating their wedding?

Choose Your Answer: A: Michael Corleone, B: Sonny Corleone, C: Fredo Corleone, D: Connie Corleone

3) What is the name of the horse whose severed head finds its way into Hollywood producer Jack Woltz's bed when Mr. Woltz refuses to cast Johnny Fontane in his new war film?

Choose Your Answer: A: Kazan, B: Shazam, C: Khartoum, D: Tartuffe

4) What actor won an Academy Award for his performance in The Godfather?

Choose Your Answer: A: Marlon Brando, B: Al Pacino, C: Robert Duvall, D: James Caan

5) How many Academy Awards did the first Godfather movie win?

Choose Your Answer: A: Three, B: Six, C: Ten, D: None

6) In The Godfather, Part II, what does Vito Corleone receive as payment from his neighbor for hiding a bundle of handguns?

Choose Your Answer: A: Rent money, B: New suit, C: Carpet, D: Canoli

7) What character in The Godfather is known as "The Turk"?

Choose Your Answer: A: Tom Hagen, B: Emilio Barzini, C: Carlo Rizzi, D: Virgil Sollozzo

8) In The Godfather, Part II, what country is Michael Corleone considering expanding his gambling operations into?

Choose Your Answer: A: Mexico, B: Brazil, C: Canada, D: Cuba

9) What does Don Corleone have in his mouth when he dies?

Choose Your Answer: A: Apple, B: Orange, C: Tomato, D: Avocado

10) Which Godfather movie won the most Oscars?

Choose Your Answer: A: The Godfather, B: The Godfather, Part II, C: The Godfather, Part III, D: It was a tie between Part I and Part II

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