1) What Elvis hit single is based on an 1861 classical piece entitled "Aura Lee"?

Choose Your Answer: A: Love Me Tender, B: Hard Headed Woman, C: Are You Lonesome Tonight?, D: Don't Be Cruel

2) What was Elvis' first #1 hit on the U.S. Billboard pop charts?

Choose Your Answer: A: Hound Dog, B: Stuck on You, C: Burning Love, D: Heartbreak Hotel

3) What single did Elvis record after suing Priscilla for divorce on January 8, 1973?

Choose Your Answer: A: All Shook Up, B: Always on My Mind, C: Separate Ways, D: Blue Christmas

4) Elvis memorized every line from what George C. Scott movie?

Choose Your Answer: A: The Last Run, B: Dr. Strangelove, C: Patton, D: Jane Eyre

5) What Elvis Presley hit was originally recorded in 1950 by Ernest Tubb?

Choose Your Answer: A: All Shook Up, B: In the Ghetto, C: Don't Be Cruel, D: Blue Christmas

6) What was the name of Elvis' twin brother who died at birth?

Choose Your Answer: A: Jesse, B: James, C: Harold, D: Reese

7) What was Elvis' shoe size?

Choose Your Answer: A: 9D, B: 10D, C: 11D, D: 12D

8) What was the first National TV show that Elvis appeared on?

Choose Your Answer: A: Ed Sullivan Show, B: Stage Show, C: Tonight Show, D: Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour

9) What actor made his film debut at age 10, kicking Elvis in the shin?

Choose Your Answer: A: Dustin Hoffman, B: Kurt Russell, C: Bruce Willis, D: Jeff Goldblum

10) What did Elvis receive from Richard Nixon?

Choose Your Answer: A: meat loaf, B: statue of General Douglas MacArthur, C: Watergate tapes, D: special agent badge


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