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11) Although Usher ultimately won out, what other singer wanted to mentor Justin?

Justin Timberlake was also reportedly in the running to sign Bieber but lost the bidding war to Usher.

12) Why did Justin have to pay his neighbor $80,900?

On July 9, 2014, Bieber was charged with one misdemeanor count of vandalism for throwing eggs at his Calabasas neighbor's home. With him pleading no contest to the charge, the Los Angeles County Superior Court sentenced him on July 9 to pay $80,900 in restitution.

13) What country banned Justin from performing in 2017?

In July 2017, the Chinese government banned Justin Bieber from performing in China. A Chinese fan reached out to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture requesting the reason for the ban. The Bureau released a statement, explaining "Justin Bieber is a gifted singer, but he is also a controversial young foreign singer", and "In order to maintain order in the Chinese market and purify the Chinese performance environment, it is not suitable to bring in badly behaved entertainers."

14) In what song does Justin sing: " I didn't wanna write a song 'cause I didn't want anyone thinking I still care"?

"Love Yourself" is a kiss-off to a narcissistic ex-lover who did Bieber wrong.

15) How many songs from Justin's debut album made the Billboard Hot 100?

He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

16) What is the name of Justin's half brother?

Bieber has two half-siblings: Jazmyn (born 2009) and Jaxon (born 2010).

17) In 2015, Justin became the spokesman for what fashion designer?

He became the new "face" and "body" of Calvin Klein in early 2015.

18) Who performs a duet with Justin in "Never Say Never"?

Between Bieber's R&B vocals and the endearing, catchy rap interlude of Jaden Smith, son of Will and star of "The Karate Kid" for which the song was recorded, "Never Say Never" is one of Justin's many memorable duets.

19) What was the name of Justin's second studio album?

He released his second studio album, Under the Mistletoe, in November 2011, when it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

20) Justin serves as a celebrity spokesman for what charity?

Bieber supports Pencils of Promise, a charity founded by Adam Braun, the younger brother of Bieber's manager. The organization builds schools in developing countries, and Bieber became manager for the organization's campaign in Guatemala.