1) Where was Abraham Lincoln born?

Choose Your Answer: A: Ohio, B: Iowa, C: Kentucky, D: Tennessee

2) Who was Abraham Lincoln named after?

Choose Your Answer: A: The biblical Abraham, B: The poet Abraham Cowley, C: The poet Abraham Sutzkever, D: His grandfather

3) Which of the following was NOT one of Abraham Lincoln's nicknames?

Choose Your Answer: A: Honest Abe, B: Rail Splitter, C: The Industrial Giant, D: The Great Emancipator

4) Who did Abraham Lincoln marry on November 4, 1842?

Choose Your Answer: A: Nora Jones, B: Martha Clark, C: Mary Todd, D: Nancy Hanks

5) How many children did Abraham Lincoln have?

Choose Your Answer: A: Two, B: Four, C: Six, D: None

6) Abraham Lincoln was the first U.S. President from what political party?

Choose Your Answer: A: Democratic Party, B: Republican Party, C: Federalist Party, D: Whig Party

7) Who was Abraham Lincoln's Vice President during the first term of his presidency?

Choose Your Answer: A: Andrew Johnson, B: Horatio King, C: Hannibal Hamlin, D: Montgomery Blair

8) What legislation, signed by Lincoln in 1862, made millions of acres of government land available to any male over 21 who could pay a small processing fee?

Choose Your Answer: A: Western Expansion Act, B: Reconstruction Act, C: Dominion Lands Act, D: Homestead Act

9) What play was Abraham Lincoln watching when he was assassinated?

Choose Your Answer: A: The Recruiting Officer, B: The Beaux Stratagem, C: Our American Cousin, D: Macbeth

10) What U.S. paper currency features a portrait of Abraham Lincoln?

Choose Your Answer: A: $1 bill, B: $5 bill, C: $10 bill, D: $20 bill


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