1) What name was Bill Clinton born with?

Choose Your Answer: A: William Jefferson Clinton IV, B: William Jefferson Blythe IV, C: William Jefferson Cassidy IV, D: William Jefferson Dell IV

2) What musical instrument does Bill Clinton play?

Choose Your Answer: A: Guitar, B: Trumpet, C: Saxophone, D: Sitar

3) At Yale, Bill Clinton earned a degree in what subject?

Choose Your Answer: A: Economics, B: Law, C: History, D: Anatomy

4) Bill Clinton served as governor of what U.S. State?

Choose Your Answer: A: Arkansas, B: Tennessee, C: Oklahoma, D: Texas

5) Who was Bill Clinton's running mate during the 1992 presidential campaign?

Choose Your Answer: A: John Kerry, B: Al Gore, C: Michael Dukakis, D: Bob Dole

6) Bill Clinton was the ____ President of the United States.

Choose Your Answer: A: 40th, B: 42nd, C: 44th, D: 46th

7) Who did Bill Clinton marry in 1975?

Choose Your Answer: A: Mary Aitcheson, B: Hillary Rodham, C: Laura Welch, D: Teresa Heinz

8) What White House intern was Bill Clinton accused of having an intimate relationship with?

Choose Your Answer: A: Paula Jones, B: Gennifer Flowers, C: Monica Lewinsky, D: Sally Perdue

9) What two justices did Bill Clinton appoint to the Supreme Court?

Choose Your Answer: A: Anthony Kennedy & Sandra Day O'Connor, B: Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Stephen Breyer, C: David H. Souter & John Paul Stevens, D: Clarence Thomas & Antonin Scalia

10) How many new jobs were added to the U.S. economy during Bill Clinton's tenure as President?

Choose Your Answer: A: 3 million, B: 9 million, C: 16 million, D: 22 million


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