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General Biology Trivia Questions:

1) What is the most common element in the human body?

Choose Your Answer: A: Carbon, B: Hydrogen, C: Oxygen, D: Calcium

2) What is the scientific term for the production of light by living organisms?

Choose Your Answer: A: Syzygy, B: Photosynthesis, C: Bioluminescence, D: Luminary Effervescence

3) Unlike most other fish, sharks have no ______?

Choose Your Answer: A: Liver, B: Gills, C: Heart, D: Bones

4) What human organ cleans fifty gallons of blood every day?

Choose Your Answer: A: Liver, B: Kidneys, C: Heart, D: Stomach

5) What illness accounted for 40 percent of U.S. military casualties during World War I?

Choose Your Answer: A: Gangrene, B: Smallpox, C: Syphilis, D: Influenza

6) What living animal has the heaviest brain?

Choose Your Answer: A: African Bush Elephant, B: Black Rhinoceros, C: Sperm Whale, D: Human

7) What is the scientific term for an apparent "throwback" characteristic of an organism that reveals a trait of an earlier ancestor?

Choose Your Answer: A: Atavism, B: Dormancy, C: Meiosis, D: Commensalism

8) Which of the following has more bones?

Choose Your Answer: A: Baby, B: Teenager, C: Adult, D: All are the same

9) Which of the following has the longest recorded life span?

Choose Your Answer: A: Termite, B: Chimpanzee, C: Indian Elephant, D: Freshwater Oyster

10) What was the first genetically engineered organism?

Choose Your Answer: A: Corn, B: Tobacco, C: Sheep, D: Rat


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