1) Approximately how many species of fish are there worldwide?

Choose Your Answer: A: 9,000, B: 27,000, C: 56,000, D: 72,000

2) What species of fish produces the most eggs?

Choose Your Answer: A: Ocean sunfish, B: Squirrelfish, C: Redtooth triggerfish, D: Salmon

3) How many different varieties of goldfish are there?

Choose Your Answer: A: 20, B: 50, C: 100, D: 250

4) What is the fastest fish?

Choose Your Answer: A: Swordfish, B: Racing Shark, C: Mako Shark, D: Sailfish

5) What species of fish, dubbed "Frankenfish" by the media, caused a panic among fish farmers when it began invading aquaculture farms in Florida and feeding on fish stocks?

Choose Your Answer: A: White Croaker, B: Walking Catfish, C: Walleye, D: Weasel Shark

6) What is the most poisonous fish?

Choose Your Answer: A: Needle fish, B: Rice fish, C: Puffer fish, D: Snail fish

7) In the movie Finding Nemo, what kind of fish is Nemo?

Choose Your Answer: A: Guppy, B: Mackerel, C: Marlin, D: Clownfish

8) What is the largest species of fish?

Choose Your Answer: A: Giant Gourami, B: Bluefin Tuna, C: Whale Shark, D: Blue Whale

9) What is the smallest species of fish?

Choose Your Answer: A: Dwarf goby fish, B: Stout infantfish, C: Tadpole cod, D: Stargazer

10) How many teeth can a shark grow during its lifetime?

Choose Your Answer: A: 500, B: 5,000, C: 50,000, D: 500,000

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