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1) What nickname did Troy Aikman's high school coach give him?

As the quarterback of his high school football team, Troy Aikman already displayed such icy confidence that his coach gave him the nickname "Iceman".

2) What baseball team expressed an interest in drafting Troy Aikman out of high school?

As a child, Troy Aikman always thought he would be a professional baseball player. In high school, he made All-State in both baseball and football. But when the New York Mets expressed an interest in drafting him out of high school, Aikman rejected their offer, opting instead to pursue a college football career.

3) Where did Troy Aikman begin his college football career?

Troy Aikman began his college football career at Oklahoma University. However, when he broke his ankle in the fourth game of his sophomore season, Jamelle Holieway took over at quarterback and played well enough to entrench himself as the starter. Aikman then transferred to UCLA where he finished his college career with a 20-4 record and led the Bruins to a Cotton Bowl victory over Arkansas.

4) The Dallas Cowboys drafted Troy Aikman with what pick of the 1989 NFL Draft?

The Dallas Cowboys drafted Troy Aikman with the first overall pick of the 1989 NFL Draft. Aikman quickly won the starting job and became the first Cowboys rookie quarterback to start a season opener since Roger Staubach in 1969. He would endure a rough first season, however, throwing twice as many interceptions (18) as touchdowns (9). The Cowboys finished the year 1-15.

5) What was the most passing yards Troy Aikman ever compiled in a single NFL season?

In the Dallas Cowboys' conservative offense, Troy Aikman never compiled a lot of yards. In terms of passing yardage, he had his best season in 1992 when he threw for 3,445 yards and 23 TDs.

6) What year did Troy Aikman earn his first trip to the Pro Bowl?

In 1991, Troy Aikman earned his first trip to the Pro Bowl, completing 65.3 percent of his passes and leading the Cowboys to the second round of the playoffs.

7) Troy Aikman was named MVP of which Super Bowl?

Troy Aikman was named MVP of Super Bowl XXVII, leading the Dallas Cowboys to a 52-17 rout of the Buffalo Bills. Aikman completed 22 of 30 passes for 273 yards and four touchdowns..

8) What was Troy Aikman's quarterback rating in 1993?

Troy Aikman's quarterback rating in 1993 was 99.0 -- the second highest in team history. He led the Cowboys back to the Super Bowl that year where the defeated the Buffalo Bills 30-13.

9) How many seasons did Troy Aikman play in the NFL?

Troy Aikman played 12 seasons in the NFL before injuries and multiple concussions forced him to retire.

10) How many passing yards did Troy Aikman compile during his NFL career?

Troy Aikman compiled 32,942 yards during his NFL career, retiring as the Dallas Cowboys' all-time leading passer.