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21) What TV series, originally set during World War II, jumped ahead several decades to the 1970s beginning with its second season?

The first season of "Wonder Woman" was set during World War II. When the series moved from ABC to CBS the next year, the entire format of the show was changed with the immortal Wonder Woman returning to civilization in the late 1970s and teaming up with the son of Steve Trevor from the first season (of course played by the same actor). Lynda Carter's costume also underwent some minor modifications with the changeover.

22) What product was advertised in the first television commercial?

The first television commercial appeared on New York station WNBT (now WNBC) during a Dodgers and Phillies game on July 1, 1941. It was a 10-second ad for Bulova watches.

23) What was the first science fiction series on television?

In 1949, Captain Video and His Video Rangers became the first science-fiction series on television. The children's show had a props budget of $25 per episode.

24) What was the first animated series made for prime-time network television?

The Flintstones was the first animated series made for prime-time network television. It was broadcast from September 30, 1960 to April 1, 1966 on ABC and was the most financially successful network animated franchise for nearly three decades, until it was finally overtaken by The Simpsons.

25) In 1981, what show became the lowest-rated series ever renewed for a second season?

NBC executives supported Hill Street Blues in its infancy despite a lack of viewers, and in 1981 it became the lowest-rated series ever renewed for a second season. It was only renewed for ten episodes, however, and wasn't picked up for the full season until ratings improved.

26) Who was the first U. S. President to appear on television?

In 1939, Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first incumbent President to appear on television when he gave the opening address at the New York World's Fair.

27) What character that originally appeared in "Homicide: Life on the Street" has gone on to appear in a dozen different television shows?

John Munch, played by Richard Belzer, has actually appeared in 12 different projects, including "Law and Order", "The X-Files", "Arrested Development", and "30 Rock".

28) What was the first network television show to use the F word?

Saturday Night Live was the first network television show to air the F word. The comedian who used it, Charles Rocket, was fired.

29) What year was the first American television picture broadcast?

The first American television picture was broadcast from Arlington, Virginia to Washington, D.C. in 1926. It was a picture of a weather map.

30) What was the first TV show theme song to hit the Billboard Top 60 pop chart?

In 1953, Dragnet became the first TV series whose theme song hit the Billboard Top 60 pop chart. It peaked at the Number Three spot.