1) Valentine's Day evolved from what ancient Roman festival?

Choose Your Answer: A: Floralia, B: Bacchanalia, C: Valentalia, D: Lupercalia

2) Statistically, a woman who purchases flowers on Valentine's Day is most likely buying them for ...

Choose Your Answer: A: her significant other, B: her mother, C: her children, D: herself

3) How many Valentine Cards are sent each year?

Choose Your Answer: A: 500 Million, B: 1 Billion, C: 2 Billion, D: 10 Billion

4) St. Valentine was put to death at the order of what Roman emperor?

Choose Your Answer: A: Claudius II, B: Augustus II, C: Tiberius II, D: Postumus II

5) In which of Shakespeare's plays does he refer to Valentine's Day?

Choose Your Answer: A: Antony and Cleopatra, B: Twelfth Night, C: Romeo and Juliet, D: Hamlet

6) Cupid was the mischievous winged child who has become associated with Valentine's Day because his arrows pierce the hearts of his victims causing them to fall deeply in love. Who was Cupid's mother?

Choose Your Answer: A: Minerva, B: Penelope, C: Psyche, D: Venus

7) What percentage of Valentine Cards are purchased by women?

Choose Your Answer: A: 39%, B: 56%, C: 72%, D: 85%

8) What percentage of roses purchased on Valentine's Day are red?

Choose Your Answer: A: 69%, B: 78%, C: 86%, D: 94%

9) The popular heart-shaped valentine candies with sweet sayings printed on them have been made by NECCO since 1902. How many new sayings did NECCO add for Valentine's Day, 2004?

Choose Your Answer: A: One, B: Ten, C: Twenty, D: None

10) During the 1980s, what industry began to promote their product as a good Valentine's Day gift?

Choose Your Answer: A: Chocolate Industry, B: Diamond Industry, C: E-Card Industry, D: NECCO Wafer Industry


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