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21) What percentage of women can't remember the last time someone sent them flowers?

The Society of American Florists cite consumer research that shows 92% of women can remember the last time someone sent them flowers--while sadly, 8% cannot.

22) What fruit is also known as the "love apple"?

At one point, because of their heart shape, tomatoes were thought to be an aphrodisiac--hence the term "love apples."

23) What do you need to kiss to turn it into a Prince?

Not every frog you kiss will turn into a prince.

24) What mobster led the gangsters behind the St. Valentine's Day Massacre?

The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre resulted from a struggle between the Irish American gang and the South Side Italian gang led by Al Capone.

25) Who did Cupid fall in love with?

When the fame of Psyche's beauty threatened to eclipse that of Venus herself, the love goddess sent Cupid to work her revenge. Cupid, however, became enamored of Psyche, and arranged for her to be taken to his palace.

26) How many U.S. towns are named Valentine?

Valentine, Arizona; Valentine, Nebraska; Valentine, Texas; and Valentine, Virginia.

27) Who are Shakesphere's "Star-crossed Lovers"?

Shakespeare used this phrase to describe the young lovers in Romeo and Juliet.

28) In which U.S. state do people marry the youngest?

As for the youngest-marrying states, Utah takes first place with the median age of 23.5 for women and 25.6 for men.

29) What did the founder of Domino's give his future wife for their first Valentine's Day?

Domino's founder Tom Monaghan met his wife while delivering pizza to a college dorm. On their second date, he gave his valentine a heart-shaped pizza.

30) What year were conversation hearts first invented?

Daniel Chase created the first conversation hearts in 1866 by devising a machine that would press food dye letters onto the candy lozenges made famous by his brother and NECCO founder Oliver Chase.