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1) What kind of peculiar is Miss Peregrine?

Alma LeFay Peregrine is an ymbryne, a peculiar who has the power to manipulate time and take the form of a bird.

2) What is the date of Miss Peregrine's time loop?

Ymbrines can create "temporal loops in which peculiar folk can live indefinitely." Miss Peregrine created her loop on September 3, 1940 to protect her peculiar children from a bomb.

3) What do Hallowgasts need to become Wights?

Hallowgasts prey on peculiar children as they need peculiar souls to evolve into Wights.

4) What is Addison MacHenry's peculiarity?

Addison MacHenry, a Boxer with a very high IQ and the ability to speak, lives in Miss Wren's menagerie. Having been named "Boxie" by his only human owner, he bit him in the face and took his name.

5) Where is the entrance to Miss Wren's time loop?

Miss Wren's loop is entered through a hole in a large rock in a lake that resembles the head of Cuthbert the Giant from "Tales of the Peculiar."

6) Who saved the children from Wights as they traveled to London?

After stowing aboard a gypsy caravan, the children are discovered and locked in an animal cage. When wights approach the gypsy camp, the gypsies protect the peculiar children by covering the cage with a tarp as a gypsy man throws his voice into the cage, realistically impersonating the roar of a giant bear.

7) What kills Mr. White and his men?

When the children are captured by Mr. White and his men, Hugh releases a "million manic bees" to destroy the wights.

8) How can the wights be spotted?

Wights look human with the exception that their eyes are completely white.

9) Who drew the first edition of the Map of Days?

Perplexus Anomalous drew the very first edition of the Map of Days, an intricate cartography of peculiardom. Due to his knowledge of the Library of Souls, Caul kidnapped him from his loop and found the location of the Library.

10) Who do the children discover in the crypts under St. Paul'S Cathedral?

Joel-and-Peter are discovered under St. Paul's after their loop is raided. They use their peculiar power of echolocation to help the children navigate the catacombs.