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11) What happens to peculiars if they leave their loops for an extended time?

Miss Peregrine tells Jacob that if "the children loiter too long on your side of the loop, all the many years from which they have abstained will descend upon them at once, in a matter of hours".

12) Who is captain of the peculiar resistance army?

Sergei Andropov, the folding man from the carnival in the tourist loop, wanted to build a peculiar army to fight the wights. At the time he met the children, he had six "soldiers" in his army.

13) What happens when Miss Wren releases Miss Peregrine from her bird form?

When "Miss Peregrine" is released from her bird form, the children discover that it was really her brother Caul. Although unable to manipulate time as an ymbryne does, he had the ability to turn into a bird of prey and "impersonated" Miss Peregrine in order to locate Miss Wren.

14) What is the name of the loop that Sharon takes Jacob, Emma and Addison to?

Described as "the most depraved and dangerous slum in the whole long history of London", Jacob and Emma hire Sharon to take them to Devil's Acre where they believe their friends are being held captive.

15) Who is Mr. Bentham?

Myron Bentham is Miss Peregrine's and Caul's brother. Although he seemed to be helping Emma and Jacob, he eventually betrays them to get to the Library of Souls.

16) Who is PT?

PT is Mr. Bentham's trained grimbear.

17) What is a Panloopticon?

Mr. Bentham and his brother, Jack (Caul), built the Panloopticon as a way to connect loops around the world. "With the Panloopticon, the initial, arduous trek of first contact has to be made only once, and every return trip thereafter is instantaneous."

18) What is ambrosia?

The wights make ambrosia out of stolen peculiar souls. The "ambro" gives peculiars enhanced abilities, but as they become addicted, their own ability "wears down to almost nothing".

19) What saves the children from their injuries?

Mother Dust uses her peculiarity for healing. As she rubs her skin, part of her is turned to dust which she uses to heal sickness and injuries. The dust also has a sedative effect which saves Jacob from becoming hollowgast food.

20) Why do the children not age forward when they visit Jacob in the present?

The peculiars discover that when the ymbrynes collapsed the loop at Abaton, any peculiar that was present had their true age reset. They would then age as a human, one day at a time, allowing them to travel to future time loops without aging forward.