1) What dinosaur name means "fast thief?"

Choose Your Answer: A: Spinosaurus, B: Triceratops, C: Velociraptor, D: Pteronodon

2) What close relative of the Velociraptor could grow up to 7 meters (20 feet) long and weighed almost a ton?

Choose Your Answer: A: Nevadaraptor, B: Utahraptor, C: Texasraptor, D: Ohioraptor

3) What dinosaur fossil was originally mistaken for a type of bison?

Choose Your Answer: A: Allosaurus, B: Stegosaurus, C: Triceratops, D: Buffalosaurus

4) What was the first dinosaur to be discovered?

Choose Your Answer: A: Giganotosaurus, B: Megalosaurus, C: Brontosaurus, D: Tyrannosaurus Rex

5) What dinosaur was, for many years, mistakenly called a Brontosaurus?

Choose Your Answer: A: Apatosaurus, B: Arcanosaurus, C: Rigidosaurus, D: Brachiosaurus

6) What dinosaur name means "covered lizard?"

Choose Your Answer: A: Triceratops, B: Stegosaurus, C: Ankylosaurus, D: Dimetrodon

7) What dinosaur is believed to have weighed up to 110 tons?

Choose Your Answer: A: Argentinosaurus, B: Columbiosaurus, C: Brazilosaurus, D: Perusaurus

8) How long were the arms of an average Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Choose Your Answer: A: 1/2 meter, B: 1 meter, C: 2 meters, D: 3 meters

9) Which of the following dinosaurs had a giraffe-like neck?

Choose Your Answer: A: Brachiosaurus, B: Allosaurus, C: Torvosaurus, D: Ankylosaurus

10) When did dinosaurs become extinct?

Choose Your Answer: A: 2 billion years ago, B: 285 million years ago, C: 65 million years ago, D: 6 million years ago


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