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51) Which dinosaur name means "hopping foot"?

Saltopus is a genus of very small bipedal dinosauriforms containing the single species S. elginensis, which was about the size of a domestic cat.

52) What was the first carnivorous dinosaur to be discovered in Antarctica?

The Cryolophosaurus was also the first non-avian dinosaur from the continent to be officially named. It had a bizarre crest on its head that looked like a Spanish comb or Elvis' hairdo, leading some to suggest the unofficial name Elvisaurus.

53) Who outbid Leonardo DiCaprio in an auction for a dinosaur skull?

In 2007, Nicolas Cage outbid fellow actor and auction enthusiast Leonardo DiCaprio for the 67-million-year-old skull of a Tyrannosaurus bataar (a close relative of the T-Rex). Cage paid more than $270,000 for the fossil, but later turned it over to U.S. authorities when he learned that it had been illegally smuggled from Mongolia.

54) What was the first coelurosaur to be discovered and named from Africa?

The Nqwebasaurus was found in South Africa in the Kirkwood Formation, which is called Nqweba in the native language of the Xhosa. It had a long, three-fingered hand which included a partially opposable thumb (a "killer claw").