1) What team won the very first NBA game?

Choose Your Answer: A: Philadelphia Warriors, B: New York Knicks, C: Toronto Huskies, D: Chicago Stags

2) What NBA player scored 100 points on March 2, 1962?

Choose Your Answer: A: Bill Russell, B: Wilt Chamberlain, C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, D: Elgin Baylor

3) What player won All-Star Game MVP, NBA MVP, and NBA Finals MVP awards in 2000?

Choose Your Answer: A: Michael Jordan, B: Kobe Bryant, C: Shaquille O'Neal, D: Tim Duncan

4) What new kind of shot did Joe Fulks score a record 63 points with in one game in 1949?

Choose Your Answer: A: Three-point shot, B: Free throw, C: Jump shot, D: Hook shot

5) What NBA player retired unexpectedly on November 7, 1991?

Choose Your Answer: A: Michael Jordan, B: Larry Bird, C: Magic Johnson, D: Moses Malone

6) Who scored the first three-point basket in NBA history?

Choose Your Answer: A: Wes Unseld, B: Gene Stump, C: Chris Ford, D: Larry Bird

7) What team did Wilt Chamberlain finish his NBA career with?

Choose Your Answer: A: Philadelphia 76ers, B: Dallas Mavericks, C: Chicago Bulls, D: Los Angeles Lakers

8) Who won the Nestle Crunch Slam Dunk Contest on February 6, 1988?

Choose Your Answer: A: Michael Jordan, B: Dominique Wilkins, C: Spud Webb, D: Magic Johnson

9) Who sank a 60-foot shot on April 29, 1970?

Choose Your Answer: A: Jerry West, B: Wilt Chamberlain, C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, D: Willis Reed

10) Who was the first Chinese player to play in an NBA game?

Choose Your Answer: A: Hai Rui, B: Yao Ming, C: Wang Zhizhi, D: Mao Zedong


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