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General Sports Trivia Questions:

1) What boxer holds the record for youngest professional debut?

Choose Your Answer: A: Teddy Baldock, B: Kid Laredo, C: Baby Arizmendi, D: Jack Dempsey

2) What yachting race was called the Hundred-Guinea Cup until a team from the U.S. won the race in 1851?

Choose Your Answer: A: The Admiral's Cup, B: The Stanley Cup, C: The America's Cup, D: The Gascoigne Cup

3) What golfer coined the term "caddy?"

Choose Your Answer: A: Walter Hagen, B: Bobby Jones, C: Napoleon, D: Mary Queen of Scots

4) What was the first sport televised in the U.S.?

Choose Your Answer: A: Baseball, B: Tennis, C: Golf, D: Rugby

5) What sport has a hooker in a scrum?

Choose Your Answer: A: Fencing, B: Gymnastics, C: Polo, D: Rugby

6) What Chicago Bears runningback was known as "The Galloping Ghost?"

Choose Your Answer: A: Harold Grange, B: Walter Payton, C: Gale Sayers, D: Brian Piccolo

7) Who was the only college football player to win the Heisman Trophy twice?

Choose Your Answer: A: Earl Campbell, B: Archie Griffin, C: O.J. Simpson, D: Jay Berwanger

8) Who was the first golfer to win more than $1 million in official earnings in a single year?

Choose Your Answer: A: Lee Trevino, B: Arnold Palmer, C: Curtis Strange, D: Jack Nicklaus

9) What professional sports league's MVP trophy is called the Podoloff Cup?

Choose Your Answer: A: The NBA's, B: The NHL's, C: The BWBL's, D: The MLS's

10) What sport is the most common cause of eye injuries in the U.S.?

Choose Your Answer: A: Darts, B: Fencing, C: Baseball, D: Football

11) What religious leader is credited with inventing nine-pin bowling?

Choose Your Answer: A: Pope Leo XII, B: Martin Luther, C: Joseph Smith, D: Buddha

12) By what name is the University of Texas Longhorn mascot known?

Choose Your Answer: A: Tex, B: Bevo, C: Buck, D: Bessie

13) What quarterback threw 70 passes in a single game.?

Choose Your Answer: A: Dan Marino, B: John Elway, C: Drew Bledsoe, D: Trent Dilfer

14) What sport's balls does William Shakespeare refer to in Henry V?

Choose Your Answer: A: Tennis, B: Bowling, C: Golf, D: Badminton

15) What 1990 championship sporting event attracted a TV audience of one billion people?

Choose Your Answer: A: The Superbowl, B: The World Series, C: The World Cup, D: Tyson vs. Douglas

16) What sport played by Harvard teams starting in 1871 was commonly referred to as the "Boston game"?

Choose Your Answer: A: Football, B: Baseball, C: Soccer, D: Tennis

17) What test was introduced in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City?

Choose Your Answer: A: Drug Test, B: Nationality Test, C: Steroids Test, D: Sex Test

18) Who won "Athlete of the Decade" honors for the 1960s?

Choose Your Answer: A: Mickey Mantle, B: Wilt Chamberlain, C: Arnold Palmer, D: Johnny Unitas

19) What was the first non U.S. country to win the Little League baseball world series?

Choose Your Answer: A: Cuba, B: Japan, C: Mexico, D: Canada

20) What Monday Night Football announcer was known as "The Mouth"?

Choose Your Answer: A: Al Michaels, B: Howard Cosell, C: John Madden, D: Dennis Miller

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