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141) What percentage of NBA players go broke within 5 years of retiring?

It's been reported that 60 percent of retired NBA players go broke within five years after their NBA paychecks stop arriving.

142) The Borg-Warner Trophy is awarded to the winner of which race?

The Borg-Warner Trophy is presented to the winner of the Indianapolis 500.

143) What is the diameter of a basketball hoop?

A regulation basketball hoop is 18 inches in diameter.

144) Which is the only country to have played in each and every World Cup?

Brazil is the most successful national team in the history of the World Cup and the only national team to have played in all FIFA World Cup editions without any absence nor need for playoffs.

145) Who was the first U.S. volleyball player to win three Olympic gold medals?

Karch Kiraly is also the only player (man or woman) to have won Olympic gold medals in both volleyball categories: beach and indoor.

146) Who was the oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history?

In 1994, at age 45, George Foreman became the oldest heavyweight champion in history when he knocked out 27-year-old Michael Moorer to win the unified WBA and IBF titles.

147) What sport did Sugar Ray Robinson's son play?

In 2004, Ronnie Robinson, the son of boxer Sugar Ray Robinson, was inducted to the Roller Derby Hall of Fame.

148) How many players are on the field for each team in an Australian rules football match?

18 players are permitted to take the field for each team, with an additional four players on an interchange bench.

149) How many years did it take the Atlanta Falcons to win their first playoff game?

The Falcons were established in 1966 and didn't notch their first playoff win until 1978, twelve years later.

150) Which was the first African country to qualify for a World Cup?

In 1934, Egypt became the first African team to play in the World Cup finals.