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21) Who was the Chiefs' first head coach?

Owner Lamar Hunt hired a little-known assistant coach from the University of Miami football team, Hank Stram, to be the team's first head coach (after the job offer was declined by Bud Wilkinson and Tom Landry).

22) What was the first Super Bowl the Chiefs played in?

In the very first Super Bowl, the NFL champion Green Bay Packers defeated the AFL champion Kansas City Chiefs by the score of 35-10.

23) Which Chiefs RB died suddenly after undergoing knee surgery?

Mack Lee Hill was still on the operating table when his temperature suddenly spiked to 108 °F (42 °C), triggering severe convulsions, and he died 1½ hours later. Doctors said he suffered a sudden and massive embolism.

24) Marc Boerigter had 20 receptions during his rookie season. How many of those went for touchdowns?

Boerigter took eight of his twenty receptions to the house.

25) Which Chiefs QB holds the dubious record of most interceptions in a single game?

On October 20, 1985, Todd Blackledge threw 6 interceptions in a 0-16 loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

26) Who was the first black middle linebacker in professional American football history?

Willie Lanier won postseason honors for eight consecutive years, making the American Football League All-Star team in 1968 and 1969 before being selected to the Pro Bowl from 1970 through 1975. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1986.

27) How many times did the Chiefs qualify for the playoffs during the 1970s?

The Chiefs' only playoff appearance of the 70s came in 1971.

28) Which Chief holds the team record for most receiving touchdowns in a season?

In 2010, Dwayne Bowe led the NFL in receiving touchdowns with 15, earning Pro Bowl and Second Team All-Pro honors.