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11) Approximately how many countries compete in the Olympics?

The Olympic Games are considered the world's foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating.

12) Where were the first Winter Olympics held?

Chamonix, France hosted the first Winter Olympics from January 25 to February 5, 1924.

13) At the 1900 Paris Olympics...

If one had to nominate the "worst modern Olympics" ever, 1900 would likely lead the voting. There were no opening or closing ceremonies and more athletes than spectators. The croquet event was a particular "hit", with just a single paying spectator attending the tournament.

14) Why is the marathon 26 miles and 385 yards long?

According to legend, Pheidippides ran from the Greek City of Marathon all the way to Athens in order to deliver news of an Athenian victory in their battle against the Persians, thereby inspiring the long-distance race. However, the current distance wasn't standardized until the 1908 London Olympics. The course was laid out from Windsor Castle to White City stadium, about 26 miles. However, to locate the finish line in front of the royal family's viewing box, an extra 385 yards was added inside the stadium.

15) Which color is NOT one of the rings on the Olympic flag?

The rings, from left to right, are blue, yellow, black, green, and red. The colors were chosen because at least one of them appeared on the flag of every country in the world.

16) Which warring countries faced off in a water polo match during the 1956 Summer Olympics?

Hungary and the Soviet Union (engaged in an armed conflict at the time) were both present at the 1956 Games which, among other things, led to a hotly contested and violent water polo encounter.

17) During the 1932 Summer Olympics, what error was made in the men's 3000 metres steeplechase event?

Due to an official's error, the 3,000 m steeplechase went for 3,460 m, or one extra lap.

18) What was unusual about gold medal winning gymnast George Eyser?

Eyser competed in the 1904 Summer Olympics with a wooden prosthesis for a left leg, having lost his real leg after being run over by a train.

19) Why was American marathon runner Fred Lorz disqualified during the 1904 Summer Olympics?

Lorz was banned for life by the Amateur Athletic Union after it was discovered that he had hitched a ride in a car for most of the race, then run the last four miles to claim victory.

20) Which member of the British royal family won an Olympic medal?

In 2012, Zara Tindall carried an Olympic flame at Cheltenham Racecourse on her horse Toytown. As a member of the Great Britain Eventing Team, she won a silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics, presented by her mother, Princess Anne.