1) Mickey Mouse was originally created as a replacement for what other Walt Disney character?

Choose Your Answer: A: Mortimer the Misfit Monkey, B: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, C: Horace Horsecollar, D: Felix the Cat

2) Mickey made his first appearance in what short film?

Choose Your Answer: A: Plane Crazy, B: The Gallopin' Gaucho, C: Steamboat Willie, D: The Barn Dance

3) What color shoes does Mickey Mouse traditionally wear?

Choose Your Answer: A: Red, B: Blue, C: Yellow, D: Black

4) In which short film did Mickey first wear his signature white gloves?

Choose Your Answer: A: Steamboat Willie, B: The Opry House, C: The Barnyard Battle, D: The Plow Boy

5) What were Mickey's first spoken words?

Choose Your Answer: A: "Look out!", B: "Hot dogs!", C: "Wanna dance?", D: "Golly gee whillakers!"

6) In what year did Mickey Mouse make his first comic strip appearance?

Choose Your Answer: A: 1930, B: 1934, C: 1942, D: 1946

7) What year did The Mickey Mouse Club debut on TV?

Choose Your Answer: A: 1945, B: 1950, C: 1955, D: 1960

8) Which of the following is NOT a former mouseketeer?

Choose Your Answer: A: Britney Spears, B: Christina Aguilera, C: Ricky Martin, D: Justin Timberlake

9) What honor did Mickey Mouse receive in 1934?

Choose Your Answer: A: Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, B: His own entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica, C: League of Nations Medal, D: He led the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

10) What is the name of Mickey's sister?

Choose Your Answer: A: Amelia, B: Bonnie, C: Carla, D: Doreen

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