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General Cartoon Trivia Questions:

1) What cartoon hero was in love with Sweet Polly Purebred?

Choose Your Answer: A: Mighty Mouse, B: Underdog, C: Inspector Gadget, D: George of the Jungle

2) What cartoon character made his first appearance in 1919 in the five minute short "Feline Follies?"

Choose Your Answer: A: Garfield, B: Felix the Cat, C: Sylvester the Cat, D: Mickey Mouse

3) What cartoon features a team of superheroes that includes Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven?

Choose Your Answer: A: Galaxy Rangers, B: Thundercats, C: Justice League, D: Teen Titans

4) Inspired by an unflattering baby photo of himself, what cartoon character did Bob Clampett create in 1942?

Choose Your Answer: A: Elmer Fudd, B: Tazmanian Devil, C: Porky Pig, D: Tweety Bird

5) How many years after the debut of Mickey Mouse was it before Minnie Mouse made her first appearance?

Choose Your Answer: A: One Year, B: Two Years, C: Five Years, D: They appeared the same year

6) In a 1965 episode of The Flintstones, what little green alien from the planet Zetox is assigned to serve prehistoric "dumb-dumbs" Fred and Barney?

Choose Your Answer: A: Gravelberry, B: Gazam, C: Gazoo, D: Mork

7) What blue-skinned cartoon characters took North America by storm in 1981?

Choose Your Answer: A: Blue's Clues, B: Pokemon, C: The Smurfs, D: Teletubbies

8) What cartoon characters were created when Professor Utonium accidentally added "Chemical X" to a concoction that also included sugar, spice, and everything nice?

Choose Your Answer: A: Mucha Lucha, B: Powerpuff Girls, C: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, D: The Barbie Bunch

9) What cartoon, accompanied by a collectible card game, became a huge hit in Japan in 1998?

Choose Your Answer: A: Yu-Gi-Oh, B: Sailor Moon, C: Robotech, D: Speed Racer

10) Which of the following superheroes did NOT appear in the Super Friends cartoons?

Choose Your Answer: A: Apache Chief, B: Black Vulcan, C: Hawkgirl, D: Green Lantern

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