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11) On what television series did Misha play the role of Alexis Drazen?

In the first season of 24, Misha played Alexis Drazen, a Serbian plotting to assassinate Senator David Palmer.

12) What role does Misha play on Supernatural?

Misha plays Castiel, an Angel of the Lord who first appears in the fourth season and brings Dean back from Hell.

13) What is unusual about Misha's home?

Misha built his own home, and almost all the furniture in it except for a few deck chairs.

14) What is Misha's real last name?

Misha's real surname, Krushnic, goes back six generations in Canada. He thinks it could be Russian or Ukrainian or Polish. His stage name, Collins, is his great grandmother's maiden name.

15) What is Misha's son's middle name?

Misha's son, West Anaximander Collins was September 23, 2010.

16) What was Misha's first feature film?

Misha played Tony in Girl, Interrupted.

17) After Supernatural fans won the show a place on the cover of TV Guide, Misha organized a contest involving what type of jigsaw puzzle?

Each fan that participated received a numbered piece from one of 5 identical Rhino jigsaw puzzles, and they had to track down other fans with pieces from the same number puzzle.

18) Where was Misha born?