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11) What series of science fiction novels created by Shatner centers around a mind-altering digital drug?

TekWar is a series of science fiction novels created by William Shatner and ghost-written by science-fiction author Ron Goulartan. The series centers around "tek"--an illegal, addictive, mind-altering digital drug in the form of a microchip.

12) Which of Shatner's daughters was "Miss Golden Globe" 1985?

His daughter Lisabeth Shatner was "Miss Golden Globe" 1985.

13) What classic horror film prominently featured a William Shatner mask?

The mask the murderous Mike Myers wore in the Halloween films was actually a Captain Kirk Halloween mask painted white.

14) What year did Shatner receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Shatner received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on May 19, 1983.

15) What is Shatner's favorite Star Trek episode?

Shatner's favorite Star Trek episode is The Devil in the Dark (1967) in which the Enterprise is sent to a mining colony that is being terrorized by a mysterious monster.

16) What animal does Shatner enjoy breeding?

In his spare time, Shatner enjoys breeding and showing American Saddlebreds and Quarter Horses.

17) In what TV series does Shatner play the role of Denny Crane?

In Boston Legal, Shatner plays Denny Crane, a renowned attorney who claims he has never lost a case, and never will. He considers himself a legend and loves to say his own name to "sign" his verbal utterances.

18) What is the name of William Shatner's horse farm in Versailles, Kentucky?

Belle Reve Farm is a horse farm in Versailles, Kentucky, owned by actor William Shatner. It breeds American Saddlebred show horses.

19) Other than English, what language does Shatner speak fluently?

Shatner speaks English and French fluently, from his bilingual upbringing in Montreal, Quebec.

20) What style of Karate did Shatner study?

Shatner studied American Kenpo karate under black belt Tom Bleecker.