1) In Gene Roddenberry's original treatment for "Star Trek:, what was the name of the Starship?

Choose Your Answer: A: Enterprise, B: Yorktown, C: Plymouth, D: Reliant

2) Who was the first actor to play a member of all three of the major alien races in "Star Trek"?

Choose Your Answer: A: Jeffrey Hunter, B: Leonard Nimoy, C: Mark Lenard, D: Christopher Lloyd

3) What actress turned down the role of Seven of Nine four times?

Choose Your Answer: A: Jeri Ryan, B: Hudson Leick, C: Claudia Christian, D: Jolene Blalock

4) Who was originally offered the role of Spock?

Choose Your Answer: A: DeForest Kelley, B: Roger Moore, C: Martin Landou, D: Dustin Hoffman

5) What type of pet does Captain Archer have on "Enterprise"?

Choose Your Answer: A: cat, B: dog, C: turtle, D: fish

6) What two stars of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" were married in real life in 1997?

Choose Your Answer: A: Michael Dorn & Terry Farrell, B: Alexander Siddig & Nana Visitor, C: Alexander Siddig & Terry Farrell, D: Armin Shimerman & Nana Visitor

7) What actor from "Star Trek: The Original Series" lost his right middle finger during World War II?

Choose Your Answer: A: Leonard Nimoy, B: DeForest Kelley, C: George Takei, D: James Doohan

8) Who was the first real astronaut to appear in any "Star Trek" episode?

Choose Your Answer: A: Neil Armstrong, B: John Glenn, C: Mae Jemison, D: Christa McAuliffe

9) In which Star Trek series did writer Larry Niven introduce the cat-like alien race, the Kzinti, into the Star Trek universe?

Choose Your Answer: A: The Original Series, B: Voyager, C: Enterprise, D: The Animated Series

10) Who was the first Star Trek actor to write a "Star Trek" story?

Choose Your Answer: A: William Shatner, B: Leonard Nimoy, C: George Takei, D: Walter Koenig

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