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41) Who served as Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy?

Although opposed to the Union blockade of Southern ports, Gideon Welles duly carried out his part of the Anaconda Plan, largely sealing off the Confederate coastline and preventing the exchange of cotton for war supplies. Most historians consider this a major cause of Union victory in the Civil War.

42) Who was known as the Calico Colonel?

Mary Ann Bickerdyke, also known as General Grant's "Calico Colonel", was a hospital administrator for Union soldiers during the American Civil War and a lifelong advocate for veterans. She was responsible for establishing 300 field hospitals during the war.

43) Which Civil War general was nicknamed "Kill Cavalry"?

Born to a poor family, Kilpatrick finagled his way into West Point. His ambition and self-promotion drove him to become a ruthless cavalry commander, as well as profiteer, adulterer, and would-be assassin.

44) Who was secretly engaged to John Wilkes Booth?

Lucy Lambert Hale, the daughter of Republican Senator John P. Hale, was secretly engaged to Booth a month before the assassination. Some say it was she who invited Booth to attend Lincoln's second inauguration, after which he reportedly told his co-conspirators, "What an excellent chance I had to kill him then."

45) How many Native Americans fought in the Civil War?

28,693 Native Americans served in the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War, participating in battles such as Pea Ridge, Second Manassas, Antietam, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, and in Federal assaults on Petersburg.

46) What future Union general discovered a Confederate deception during the Battle of Gaines' Mill?

During the run-up to the Battle of Gaines' Mill, Samuel Zook got behind enemy lines and found that Confederate Maj. Gen. John B. Magruder was conducting an elaborate deception, making it appear that he had significantly more troops than he actually had.

47) What battle took place at the "River of Death"?

The Battle of Chickamauga, fought on September 18-20, 1863, was the most significant Union defeat in the Western Theater, and involved the second-highest number of casualties after the Battle of Gettysburg. In popular histories, it is often said that Chickamauga is a Cherokee word meaning "river of death".

48) What city ordered the removal of four Confederate monuments after nine black churchgoers were killed in a racially-motivated massacre in 2015?

After the Charleston church shooting, the city council of New Orleans, Louisiana ordered the removal of four monuments honoring the Confederacy. This began a larger, nationwide movement to remove other symbols of the rebellion, including Confederate flags.

49) Who fired the first shot in defense of Fort Sumter?

A career United States Army officer and Union general, Abner Doubleday also had a pivotal role in the early fighting at the Battle of Gettysburg.

50) What was the first combat submarine to sink an enemy warship?

When the hand-cranked Confederate submarine CSS Hunley torpedoed the mighty USS Housatonic in Charleston Harbor on February 17, 1864, it altered naval warfare forever.