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21) Which Dallas Cowboys draft pick caused a 6-hour delay in the 1964 NFL draft?

Mel Renfro was drafted in the second round of the 1964 NFL draft, 17th overall. The selection delayed the draft for 6 hours, while the Cowboys sent a doctor to check an injury he had suffered to his wrist.

22) What Dallas Cowboys CB led the league with 11 interceptions as a rookie?

Pro scouts thought Everson Walls was too slow for the National Football League after he ran the 40-yard dash in a disappointing 4.72 seconds during workouts, but his hometown Cowboys signed him as an undrafted free agent, and he made an immediate impact, leading the league with 11 interceptions.

23) How many years was Troy Aikman in the NFL before he finished a season with more touchdowns than interceptions?

It wasn't until 1991, Aikman's third year in the league, that he threw more touchdowns (11) than interceptions (10).

24) Which Dallas Cowboy played in the 1970 NFC Championship Game with a broken collarbone?

Fullback Walt Garrison played the 1970 NFC Championship Game with a broken collarbone, contributing 122 total yards and a touchdown catch in the Cowboys' win.

25) How many pounds could Larry Allen bench press?

Allen might have been the strongest NFL player ever, having once benched 700 lbs.

26) Which Defensive End batted down 16 passes in two different seasons?

Ed "Too Tall" Jones was the best in NFL history at batting away passes at the line. In fact, his success batting down passes convinced the NFL to keep track of it as an official stat.

27) How many holding penalties did Tyron Smith commit in his third season with the Cowboys?

In his third year with the Cowboys, Smith committed just one holding penalty and allowed only one sack in 16 starts. He was named to the 2013 Pro Bowl on Team Rice.

28) Tony Romo's first NFL pass was a completion to which receiver?

Tony Romo's first NFL pass was a 33-yard completion to Sam Hurd in a home game against the Houston Texans. His only other pass of the game was a two-yard touchdown pass, his first in the NFL, to Terrell Owens.

29) What player fumbled an attempted field goal in a 2007 NFC Wild Card playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks?

With the Cowboys trailing 21-20 on fourth-and-one with 1:19 left in the game, the Cowboys attempted a 19-yard field goal. Tony Romo, the holder for the kick, fumbled the snap. He recovered the ball and attempted to run it in, but was tackled short of the first down marker, and turned the ball over on the Seattle 2-yard line.

30) Which player was nicknamed the "Barbarian"?

During the 2007 season, Barber's power running back style earned him the nickname Marion the Barbarian. He led the league that year in broken tackles, reflecting his personal mantra of "hit or get hit."