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71) Which Cowboys rookie did NOT post consecutive 100-yard rushing games?

Emmitt Smith had three 100-yard games during his rookie season, but none of them were consecutive.

72) What position did Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones play on his college football team?

Jones played for the University of Arkansas where he was the co-captain and starting guard. His teammates included Glen Ray Hines and Jimmy Johnson, and the team won a National Championship in 1964 under Hall of Fame coach Frank Broyles.

73) What Cowboys draft pick joined the team as a 27-year-old rookie?

The Cowboys drafted Roger Staubach in the 10th-round of the 1964 NFL draft. (He was also drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs of the American Football League that same year.) The NFL allowed the Cowboys to draft him one year before his college eligibility was over, but due to his four-year military commitment, he would not begin playing professionally until 1969 as a 27-year-old rookie.

74) Who had the worst career QB rating as a Cowboy?

Babe Laufenberg backed up Troy Aikman in 1990 with one TD, six interceptions and a woeful 16.9 rating.

75) What Dallas Cowboy was the second fastest player ever to reach 100+ sacks?

Demarcus Ware was the second fastest player (113 games) to reach 100+ sacks behind Reggie White (96 games).

76) What Cowboys defensive back led the league in interceptions three times?

In the history of the NFL, only Everson Walls and Ed Reed have led the league in interceptions three times.

77) What Dallas Cowboy once blocked 4 punts in 2 consecutive games?

Defensive back Charlie Waters has the unique achievement of blocking 4 punts in 2 consecutive games.

78) Who was the first rookie in NFL history to post four straight 130-yard rushing games?

Ezekiel Elliott was the first rookie in NFL history to post four straight 130-yard rushing games.

79) Who was the third player in NFL history to rush for 1,000 yards in his first nine games?

With a 114-yard rushing effort against the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 13, 2016, Ezekiel Elliott became just the third runner in NFL history to cross the 1,000-yard threshold in his first nine games.

80) Which of the following Cowboys had the highest career QB rating?

Roger Staubach tops this list of passers with a career QB rating of 83.4, followed by Danny White (81.7), Troy Aikman (81.6), and Don Meredith (74.8).