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61) Which Dallas Cowboy has the most career interceptions?

Mel Renfro leads all Dallas Cowboys with 52 career interceptions.

62) What local celebrity inspired the look of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

During a game between the Cowboys and Falcons at the Cotton Bowl during the 1967 season, a scantily clad female fan named Bubbles Cash (a stripper by profession) caused a sensation in the crowd when she walked through the stands carrying cotton candy in each hand. She became an instant local celebrity, and Cowboys General Manager Tex Schramm took note. Understanding the importance of the entertainment industry to the Cowboys' profitability, Schramm decided to form a cheerleading squad dressed in similar fashion to Cash.

63) Which Dallas Cowboy has the most career punt return yards?

Kelvin Martin leads all Dallas Cowboys with 1,803 punt return yards.

64) Which Dallas Cowboys wide receiver was nicknamed "Bullet"?

Once considered the world's fastest man by virtue of his multiple world records in the 60-yard, 100-yard, 220-yard, and Olympic 100-meter dashes, "Bullet Bob" Hayes is the only athlete to win both an Olympic gold medal and a Super Bowl ring.

65) Who was the first Dallas Cowboy running back to have a 1,000-yard rushing season?

In 1972, Calvin Hill became the first Cowboy running back to have a 1,000-yard rushing season (with 1,036 yards rushing); he repeated the feat in the following season with 1,142 yards rushing.

66) What Dallas Cowboys player entered the league as the tallest quarterback in NFL history?

In 1963, Sonny Gibbs entered the league as the tallest quarterback in NFL history (6 ft 7 in). He held the title until 1991 when Dan McGwire (6 ft 8 in) broke the record.

67) Who led the Cowboys in receptions during their 1971 championship season?

During Dallas' championship season of 1971, fullback Walt Garrison showed his pass-catching skills, leading the team with 40 catches.

68) Which of these Cowboys was named Offensive Rookie of the Year?

Calvin Hill (1969), Tony Dorsett (1977), and Emmitt Smith (1990) all earned Offensive Rookie of the Year.

69) Who is the only Dallas Cowboy to win an NFL title as a player, an assistant coach, and a head coach?

Mike Ditka is a three-time Super Bowl champion, playing on the Cowboys' Super Bowl VI team as well as winning as an assistant coach for the Cowboys in Super Bowl XII, and coaching the Bears to victory in Super Bowl XX.

70) In what round of the NFL draft did the Cowboys select Rayfield Wright?

Wright was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the seventh round of the 1967 NFL/AFL draft, 182nd overall, as a tight end. He would go on to play more than 200 games, start at right tackle in six NFC Championship games, and play in five Super Bowls, winning two of them.