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51) Which of the following characters is NOT one of the Special Children, chosen by the Yellow-Eyed Demon to take part in the Apocalypse?

Dean Winchester is NOT one of the "Special Children," chosen by the Yellow-Eyed Demon to take part in the Apocalypse.

52) Whose private jet did Dick Roman use to deliver a package?

Dick's package arrived from in America via New York where the Leviathan Agent Valente expedited it through customs. It then flew to Downey airport Chicago on one of Donald trump's private jets. This information is obtained when Charlie Bradbury hacks Dick's e-mails.

53) Who is Crowley's mother?

Rowena, portrayed by Ruth Connell, is a powerful witch introduced in the tenth season. She is eventually revealed to be Crowley's mother.

54) What is Dean's favorite dessert?

The biggest Supernatural romance may be Dean Winchester and his love of pie! Unfortunately for Dean, it has become a running gag on the show that he rarely gets to eat his favorite dessert.

55) Who broke the final seal that allowed Lucifer to escape Hell?

Lucifer was finally freed and allowed to roam the Earth when the final seal (the death of Lilith) was broken by Sam. Freed from his cage, he set out to bring about the Apocalypse and cleanse the Earth of human beings.

56) What friend of Bobby Singer is a skilled psychic?

Pamela Barnes is a skilled psychic who helps Bobby discover who or what pulled Dean out of Hell. She holds a seance and learns it was a being named Castiel, but when she gets a glimpse of the angel, her eyes are burnt out and she becomes permanently blind.

57) Who was the first demon Lucifer created?

Lilith was the first demon Lucifer created, as well as being the final seal of the 66 Seals that had to be broken for him to be freed from his cage.

58) What reaper comes to collect Dean's soul after he goes into a coma?

Tessa is a reaper who guides the deceased to the afterlife. When Dean goes into a coma following a car accident in which he is critically wounded, she poses as another coma patient and tries to convince him to "move on", but Azazel intervenes and restores Dean to life.

59) What is the demon Crowley's real name?

Crowley's real name is Fergus Rodrick MacLeod.

60) Which of the following characters has NOT been used by Lucifer as a vessel?

Lucifer has used Nick, Castiel, and Sam as vessels -- but never Dean.