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91) Who tortures Dean when he is sent to Hell at the end of the third season?

When Dean is sent to Hell at the end of the third season, it is the demon Alastair who tortures him, stopping only when he finally convinces Dean to torture other souls himself.

92) Which character was turned into a toy in "I Believe the Children Are Our Future"?

In "I Believe the Children Are Our Future", a young boy with strange demonic powers turns Castiel into an action figure.

93) What symbol is identified with the Men of Letters?

The men of letters are identified with the crest of the Aquarian Star, a six-pointed sign (or unicursal hexagram) that represents great magic and power and was linked to the gates of Atlantis.

94) What is the name of Crowley's son?

Gavin MacLeod was the Scottish son of Crowley, when he was a human named Fergus Roderick McLeod.

95) What alias does Dean use in the pilot episode?

In the pilot episode, Dean gives his name as "Ted Nugent" when he is being interrogated by the police.

96) What does Dean call the Men of Letters Bunker?

The Men of Letters Bunker, or "the Batcave" as Dean calls it, was the secret base of operations for the Men of Letters.

97) Which Supernatural character joined Dorothy in her quest to rid Oz of the Wicked Witch's forces and find her lost dog, Toto?

After killing the Wicked Witch with the Ruby slippers and closing to door to Oz just in time to stop the Flying Monkeys from reaching earth, Charlie Bradbury joined Dorothy in her quest to rid Oz of the witch's evil forces for good.

98) How did Dean get his first Breaking & Entering charge?

In "Beyond the Mat" (Season 11, episode 15), Dean meets one of his childhood heroes, the wrestler Gunner Lawless, and informs him that he got his first "B&E" for breaking into a house to watch Lawless' cage match on the homeowners' pay-per-view.

99) What is the name of God's sister?

The Darkness, also known as Amara, is a supremely powerful primordial entity who has existed since before the beginning of time. Due to her penchant for destruction, she was sealed away by her brother, God.

100) What is the name of the Season 11 episode that takes place entirely in and around Dean's Impala?

Seen entirely in and around the Impala, "Baby" (Season 11, episode 4) features Sam and Dean taking down an army of ghoul and vampire-like creatures called Nachzehrers.