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61) Which character is God?

God, initially known to Sam and Dean as Chuck Shurley, is a powerful primordial being who created the universe and nearly everything it contains.

62) In which episode does Sam lose his shoe?

In "Bad Day at Black Rock", after losing an unlucky rabbit's foot, Sam steps in gum -- then loses his shoe down a drain.

63) Who is the sheriff of Stillwater, Minnesota?

Donna Hanscum is the sheriff of Stillwater, Minnesota. She was married to another sheriff named Doug who left her because of her weight.

64) Which character had a son that came back as a zombie during the Apocalypse?

Jody Mills was the sheriff of Bobby's hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She had a son, Owen, who died and came back as a zombie during the Apocalypse. At first, she tried to prevent Sam and Dean from investigating, but when her son killed her husband, she worked with the Winchesters to kill the remaining zombies.

65) What sort of supernatural creature is Amy Pond?

Amy pond is a kitsune, a werewolf-like monster that feeds on the pituitary gland, a part of the brain, without which they will die. When Sam discovers her secret, he lets her go because she saved his life. Years later, Sam notices similar killing happening again, and tracks Amy down.

66) Who was Sam's girlfriend at the beginning of the series?

Jessica Lee Moore was Sam's girlfriend at the start of the series. He planned to ask her to marry him, but she was killed by a demon.

67) Which of the following is an invisible demonic creature of shadow?

A daeva is an ancient demonic creature of shadow that can be summoned by other demons. Like hellhounds, daevas are used as invisible killers. While they are invisible, daevas appear as humanoid shadows.

68) Which of the following characters has a second heart?

Eldon Styne is the heir to the powerful Styne Family, a dynasty that causes and takes advantage of disasters such as the Nazi rise to power and the September 11th attacks to make a profit. Like all other members of his family, Eldon has received surgical enhancements including a second heart.

69) Whose sister was abducted by a vampire?

When Gordon Walker was 18 years old, a vampire broke into his house and abducted his sister. Gordon ran away from home, learned how to fight, hunt, and kill vampires, and tracked down the vampire who had taken his sister. He killed the vampire, as well as his sister, who had been turned, marking the beginning of his hatred for the undead.

70) Whose memories did Castiel erase at Dean's request?

Dean lived with Lisa Braeden and her son for a full year, but their relationship came to a tragic end when Dean asked Castiel to erase her memories of him.